Royalton Trail Town Incorporated is a non-profit organization located in Royalton, Ky.  On October 9, 2015   Royalton, Kentucky was certified as the 10th Trail Town in Kentucky.   The Dawkins Rail Trail will be the longest rail trail in the State of Kentucky when phase three is completed.  The Dawkins Rail Trail runs through the center of Royalton Trail Town. 

Royalton Trail Town is located about seven miles from exit 75 off the Mountain Parkway on route 7 and go 7 miles south to Royalton Trail Town and Dawkins Rail Trail.  At this time Royalton will be making many changes as it is going through the "Trail Town" process.  Join us for the exciting times to come and be a part of a motivated group of citizens that are working daily for the betterment of Royalton. Through making Royalton an active progressive town we are making things better for the people in the area. Through promotion of the Dawkins Trail we are not only going to bring tourism and jobs to our area, we are also a community that will become more active in using the trail and hopefully promote good health for the citizens. One of our slogans is "We give the best every day and we expect the best back”.  The Royalton Trail Town Committee is an awesome group of people that is worth your time to get to know.

Royalton Trail Town is known to our community as the Gateway to the Dawkins Line Rail Trail.  The trail is located along side of Royalton Trail Town and runs through a section of the town, a perfect location to the Dawkins Line Rail Trail.  That is why it is called the Gateway.

 The community of Royalton Trail Town has two groceries stores that make some very delicious sandwiches that are well known in and outside our area.   So when traveling to our area you might want to stop by either store for one of their very big deli sandwiches, plan on sharing one if you are traveling with others.

While you are enjoying the Dawkins Line Rail Trail you will probably pass individuals biking, horseback riding and hiking.  The trail stays busy with all three activities and local volunteers help maintain the trail.   The trail isn’t totally level but the grades are gradual and not difficult to climb.    The trail has one completed tunnel that is 750 ft. long.  This Tunnel is the Guncreek Tunnel. It has no lighting and can be a little dark in some areas but is beautiful and an awesome experience for visitors.  Very recently there has been some talk about a lady that has appeared in the tunnel in a photo.  She has been named by many the “Lady In White Ghost”.   For those that are interested in a venture she may appear in a photo for you.   This has only happened in one photo that we know of.  The trail has so many interesting areas of small waterfalls and  old buildings that can be of interest to some.  There are lots of interesting options for photos to remember your visit.

The Dawkins Line Rail Trail is seasonal but has a long season due to the Kentucky weather.  The trail has visitors from  March until November.  October is a beautiful time to visit and enjoy all the beautiful fall colors of the leaves on the trees.

Royalton Trail Town has some flat bottom areas that will be under development in the next year.  Mid-June of 2016 both primitive camping and RV camping will be available.  The camping area has water, electricity and sewer. 

For more information on available camping call Rondal Reed at 606-349-7150.
Phase one of the Dawkins Line Rail Trail consist of eighteen miles and including the Guncreek Tunnel that is 750 ft. long.   Phase Two of the trail, when completed, will add another eighteen miles to the trail making it a total of thirty six miles and will have another tunnel.  The Tip Top Tunnel will be 1500 ft. long with activated lighting.  This trail when completed will be the longest trail in the State of Kentucky.

For those that like to hike you couldn’t pick a better trail to walk the distance of your choice and find a bench or rock and take a break.

Royalton Trail Town is known for having a Royalton Rail Trail Festival every year the first weekend in June.  If you plan to attend this festival bring a lawn chair and enjoy the day with some great music that performs all afternoon and into the night.  The festival offers many activities for children while adults enjoy the entertainment.

In the fall of 2015, in late October, the Governor approved a wagon ride on the trail.    Many visitors stood by the trail and observed all the different carriages and wagons with the beautiful dressing of the participating horses.  The fall foliage frames the wagons and horses in beautiful colors.  We hope to make this an annual event on the trail.

If you decide to visit the area of Royalton you will be greeted by very friendly people that want to assist visitors in enjoying their area and trail.

For more information note the contact information and either email or call the number listed.